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Powerful Management Information at your finger tips to keep track of every training plan for each student and/or department using the most detailed reporting features to make improvements where necessary.

Enabling you to track your ROI!



SCROLL DOWN TO SEE HOW ACCUTRAC™ CAN HELP YOU PROVE YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT: and are possibly the most unique and affordable CD-ROM and online based certified total training course provider ever.

Accutrac™ LMS

Why is Accutrac™ such a powerful LMS tool?

First of all you can track the progress of 1000 users at anyone time. The purpose of Accutrac™ is to help you easily conceive, execute and manage training plans throughout your company. The system allows you to totally manage the entire learning process of students by monitoring exercises and tests that students have performed, then gather and present this information in simple easy to read reports that is detailed enough for you to identify trends and make improvements to your training plan.

Accutrac™ includes Reporting Features which allows administrators to totally manage the entire learning process.

 Accutrac™ gathers and presents the information needed to manage unlimited students, with ease, all at one time.

Accutrac™ administration reports include :

  • Student course assignment
  • Report of courses complete
  • Length of time to complete courses
  • Testing scores
  • Student study time per course
  • Skill assessment testing
  • Number of times a test is taken
  • Comparison of pre and post course testing
  • Course progress reports
  • Assign a course program with pre-requisites
  • Ease-of-use, no programming knowledge needed

Here are just some of the reports at your disposal

  • Student course assignments – find out what courses have been assigned to a particular department or student
  • Average time to complete courses – important if the training plan is threatening to pass your project deadline. You can shorten or lengthen particular training courses at anytime.
  • Skill assessment testing – this facility enables you to assess the current skill level of all your employees.
  • Number of times a test has been taken – this report will give you an idea of any difficulties your students are facing.
  • Comparison of pre and post course testing scores – this compares the students pre-training scores with their post test training scores – In essence it measures the effectiveness of your training and by default your return on investment
  • Automatically generate reports and graphs on the individual, departmental or company wide level.

Call for more information or a demonstration of how Accutrac™ Learning Management System and our Thinktank™ training server could benefit your organization.

We also have an online LMS version called Oasis.




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