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Affordable Training is the world’s premier provider of multimedia based, interactive self-paced training programs for individuals, training center's and corporations. Our unique ability to develop high quality, cost effective and customized training solutions is unparalleled throughout the learning industry.

You can choose any one of the following training packages:

  • Online Training - this includes video based instructor-led training online (broadband needed), online lab simulations, online study guides (you can download and print) and online exam testing simulators.

  • CD's Only - this includes video based instructor-led training on CD-ROM's, lab simulations and exam testing simulations on CD.

  • CD Study Kit - this includes ALL of the above but with the addition of authorized official hardback study guides to read when away from the computer to continue the learning.

  • Support - all the above packages include a personal tutor, telephone and email support and online e-campus support. 24/7 live mentor support is optional.

Power Learning Features

Features of Our CompTia Foundation Power Learning Course:


Starting - The Main Menu


When you access your training a Main Menu will appear on the screen. The first option on the Main Menu will be Learn (or Video Instruction if you are using CD-ROM's). 






Building Block 1 - Master Class Theory Seminar


When you click on - Learn (or Video Instruction) you will see the Master Instructor appear on the screen just like in a classroom. The Instructor will introduce himself and explain the objectives of the course he will be teaching and just like in a real classroom, he will start teaching the theory part of your course. 

The Master Instructors on our courses are the best trainer's in the world. They actually write the study guides for Microsoft, CompTia and Cisco so, with their credentials and experience you would expect to pay thousands just to attend a live 1 day training seminar!


Building Block 2 - Demonstration of the Theory Seminar


Once the theory part of your course is done, the instructor will now show you a Demonstration of what you have just learnt. For example, you will hear the instructor in the background as he shows you 'click for click' how to do the actual task. 

For example, if you are undertaking a course like the CompTia A+ and the instructor has taught you the theory behind installing an operating system, you will see a live 'click for click' screenshot of the actual installation of an operating system while the instructor talks in the background. 



Building Block 3 - Practical Hands-On Simulation Exercises



After the Instructor has demonstrated the theory its now your turn to do the actual task - this is the Simulation. Our powerful learning simulator accurately mimics the real world working environment - its like being in a hands-on lab - so you get the chance to master complex tasks as an IT Professional.

Remember, no company will let you use their expensive computer systems if you have no 'hands-on' experience. Our simulations provide you with real world 'hands-on' exercises to give you the confidence and working skills to use on a live computer system!



Building Block 4 - Test Exams with Powerful Test Engine



OK, now you have done the theory, the demonstration and the hands-on labs, the final element in becoming a true IT Professional is - the Test and see what you have achieved? We provide you with actual certification simulator tests to help you gain certification guaranteed! If you score 95% or better then move ahead to the next section. 

However, score less than 95% and we recommend you go back and restudy the theory, redo the demonstration and practice the hands-on labs until you can score 95% or better. 90% of students who use this method pass first time and if you don't pass after taking the same test twice - we will refund your exam fees!



Building Block 5 - Comprehensive Support



Our role as training advisors is to help you formulate an effective training plan that not only fills your skills gaps (for IT Professionals) but also helps you gain a new career as a well paid  IT professional. Comprehensive Support is the key to your success and we provide you with unlimited tutor and technical support through our ecampus support website and support hotline - even after you have completed your course!

We also go 1 step further - if you take our Skills4Life program you get CV and Cover Letter Workshops, access to our Work Experience Locator program and Assistance with Training Needs and Evaluation Analysis! 


World Class 'Instructor-Led CBT' Training

You get Instructor-led training via CD's or online from some of the best instructors in the world! PLUS access to our password protected student support website. 

This unique program prepares you to earn the maximum as a multi-certified, multi-skilled IT Professional.



Practice Exam Simulators

Our exam simulators are the closest replication to the real exam! Exams are presented in a randomized, timed format. Our exam simulator will break down your test results just like the testing center by objective. It will also allow you to customize your testing options and only study the materials you feel need additional test preparation time.


Virtual 'Hands-On' Practical Labs

The Sybex virtual 'hands-on' practical labs simulate the environment for our Microsoft, Cisco or CompTia courses, providing you with the opportunity to gain hands-on skills needed to not only approach the exam with confidence but also prove your skills in a real working environment. 

It's an affordable alternative to expensive lab equipment and simulates features and functions unavailable with a simple evaluation of the software.


Certified Study Guides


  A complete line of study guides or e-books to offer a complete training solution. Our courses include study guides or e-books for CompTIA, CISCO and Microsoft certifications  
Funding Support via EasyPay

In addition to the training and support provided you can also get help on funding your course program:

  • Spread the cost of your training over 4, 12 (interest free), 24 or 36 months (19.9%) with EasyPay.

  • To qualify you need to be employed and have a US bank account.

  • To see if you qualify just call 1-877-570-0449 today!


Affordable Training's 'Ask an Expert' Support Service and Triple Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our exclusive “Ask an Expert” mentoring allows our learners to ask questions at any time, anywhere and receive a response from our experts within a very short period of time. Affordable Training is committed to YOUR training experience!

We also offer the strongest money-back, lowest price and certification guarantee in the US!



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