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90% of all our CCNA Certification exam students pass the first time they take their test- how? By using our practice exam tests and scoring over 95% three times. However, passing exams does also depend on the individual and how much preparation they put into succeeding - so bear that in mind!

On that basis, if you fail to pass your certification exam twice then we will refund the cost of both exams or pay for your retakes. We are the only company that offers this certification guarantee to make sure that you pass with flying colors!

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50 hours of self study

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CCNA Certification A+ CCNP CWLSS Comptia Cisco Exams

Need to find and train on CCNA certification or comptia certification or any other it certification exam?

All of our programs are produced using advanced learning concepts that encompass learning techniques that are designed for adult learning. E-learning is very popular today for a very good reason – It Works! People everywhere are discovering that they can fulfill their learning objectives conveniently (at their own pace, on their own time) and affordably (online classes start at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom training).

90% of our students pass this course first time and we want the very same results for you. We are so confident that you will become an expert as a result of taking our courses that we will offer you our 7 Day Moneyback Guarantee, Exam Pass Guarantee (click here for exams etc) and our Lowest Price Guarantee!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee that I will pass the MSCE certification test with your training programs?

YES! We guarantee YOU WILL PASS THE COMPTIA CERTIFICATION EXAMS if you use our material! If the registered user fails any one certification exam twice after using our study material - showing us 2 scores of 95% or better on two different practice exams and can show proof of failure for the exam, then the product may be returned for a refund of the purchase price. 

Why is self-study better than classroom training?

Our self-study IT certification courses combine instructor led video lectures with workbook and computer-based training. We have found that utilizing more than one learning method greatly enhances a student's retention level. In addition, with self-study you own the material and may refer back to it again and again. In a classroom environment, if you miss what the instructor says, you've missed it, with CD-ROM, you may view it as often as you like! Not only is self-study more comprehensive than classroom training, it is available for a fraction of the cost!

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